Warren Mayer

Men's Support Group
On staff since 2011
Warren was raised in the northern suburbs of Detroit, but prefers to simply tell people, "Detroit," because he thinks this somehow makes him sound tougher and scarier than he really is. Warren received his Bachelor of Arts in communications from Adrian College in 1983, and he completed his Master of Arts (Theological Studies) at Covenant Seminary in 2016. Since moving to Columbia in 1992, Warren has mostly worked for Mizzou, which includes his current job as a Web Developer for the School of Journalism. He is married to Michele, which most people would say is undoubtedly the single greatest redeeming thing about him. In addition to five children from previous marriages, they have one young son together. Warren "specializes" in reaching out to adults in the thick of serious life stressors. Having come to Christ in 1997 out of a background of alcoholism and divorce, Warren now works part-time in The Crossing in men's redemption/recovery ministries, and co-facilitates Divorce Care with his wife. While recognizing the truth that we are all broken and flawed individuals, Warren's passion is to share the good news of unlimited mercy and grace in Jesus Christ. He names as his deepest influences John Piper, Ed Welch, C.S. Lewis, and Ravi Zacharias. *part-time