Shelly Mayer

Care Ministry Director & Small Groups Staff
On staff since 2010
Shelly is a Missouri girl, spending the majority of her childhood years growing up in St. Joseph. She came to know Christ in a real and lasting way in her late 30’s, after living through a divorce and four years as a single working mother of three young children. Shelly moved to Columbia in 2004 after meeting the most amazing man ever on the Internet and marrying him 12 weeks later. This newly combined household began with five children, and then she and her husband, Warren, had a son together. Shelly wears a few different hats on staff here. She is part of the Small Groups team, helping people connect more deeply in authentic community as well as coaching/mentoring new leaders; she also oversees the church’s Care Ministry, which includes coordinating regular service opportunities within The Crossing community and in our city. Lastly, Shelly also serves with her husband in divorce recovery ministry, with a heart for helping people going through divorce avoid the many mistakes she made.