Patrick Miller

Director of Digital Relationships
On staff since 2011
Patrick Miller has called Columbia home since 2006. He met his wife, Emily, at Mizzou, where they both completed their undergrads. She currently works as a project manager for MU Health. Their daughter, Iris, was born in 2016, and their son, Oliver, in 2019. Patrick's started following Jesus his Freshman year of college after getting connected to The Crossing. He joined the Veritas college ministry staff team in 2010, helped co-direct the ministry 2015, and became the Director of Crossing Twenties in 2017.  He graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary in 2018 and was ordained as pastor shortly after. Patrick leads the Digital Relationships Team, writes small group curriculum, co-hosts our podcast, Ten Minute Bible Talks, leads two Covenant Seminary cohorts, and teaches Men's and Women's Bible Studies.