The Apostles’ Creed: Together We Believe

Matt Chandler

About This Book

An in-depth examination of the primary tenets of Christianity. The Apostles’ Creed was born from the apostles’ teachings. It contains essential beliefs that summarize the gospel and the foundation of our faith. The scriptural truths contained in the creed enable us to build our Christian lives on good theology, with the knowledge that our faith is rooted in truth and a rich history. 

  • Watch a ~25-30 min video each group meeting
  • Discussion plan and questions provided
  • 12 sessions
  • No participant prep or purchase, optional participant book with personal studies available

The videos are available to stream for free here on YouTube.


Basics, Spiritual Growth, Theology




Nick HavensJune 24, 2019

We have really enjoyed this video series. This is the second time we have utilized a Matt Chandler video for our small group, the last several years ago with his Philippians study. He is definitely a dynamic speaker and the videos hold your attention well. We enjoyed that Crossing Kids spent an entire section on the apostles creed within the past year so we felt this was a good tie in with our own small group study. There is no member preparation required for the study and really only the group leaders need the book to guide discussion, however there are some extracurricular portions for home discipleship in between that the book guides you through. The video series is available on YouTube to preview and is what we utilized each week of the study. The only negative is most of the videos are 35 to 55 minutes long, so some weeks were more video heavy than discussion heavy simply because of the time required to play it. They did lend themselves to discussion quite easily and I would say has been a good series for our group that rarely does videos.