Sermon on the Mount

Jen Wilkin

About This Book

What does it mean to be a citizen of the kingdom of Heaven? Matthew’s gospel opens with three chapters containing Jesus’ longest recorded message – a sermon given to His disciples early in His ministry to articulate what the life of a Christ-follower would look like. It was a message intended to turn upside down every expectation His closest followers might have. Both practical and profound, the sermon asks of us the same questions it posed to its original hearers: How should a disciple relate to sin? To others? To the Law? How does a disciple think, speak, and act? What is the nature of true righteousness? In His sweeping depiction of kingdom citizenship, Jesus utters some of the most familiar passages in all of Scripture. Most of us have only encountered the Sermon on the Mount in fragments, considering its subdivisions as complete teachings in their own right – a study on blessedness, a reflection on the Lord’s Prayer, a meditation on lilies of the field. But what if we navigated these three chapters as they were originally heard: as one cohesive, well-ordered message, intended to challenge us to think differently about repentance, salvation, and sanctification? This 8-week study led by Jen Wilkin does just that. Seat yourself on a mountainside to learn at the feet of Jesus. Ask for ears to hear and a heart to respond to the teaching of our King. Eight 30-minute sessions with leader’s guide and discussion questions.


Book of the Bible, Jesus, Spiritual Growth




Kristin JeffriesJune 20, 2017

This was an excellent resource, that was so easy to lead! Our women’s group was looking for something that would challenge all of us to read the Bible more diligently and to really think about what it was teaching us. While there is more “homework” than some other studies (15-30 min per lesson), it it well worth it and it gets easier to do at the study continues. Our group loved diving into God’s word on a deeper level, truly studying it as opposed to just reading it. Jen’s explanations and insights are so helpful, and teach you how to really engage with scripture in addition to expanding on the Biblical content. For leaders- there really isn’t more homework than the participants. We just picked a few of the questions to talk about as a group before we watched the video. We had a few times where some people only had time to read the scripture (and not do homework questions) and was still able to follow the video just fine. You can sort of decide how much of the homework you want to do.