Recovering Redemption

Matt Chandler

About This Book

The Bible is clear that God intends for his people to experience life abundantly. So why are things such a mess, even for Christians? Matt Chandler, over 12 sessions (28-36 minutes each), gets to the root of brokenness and our destructive patterns of behavior. We must reorient our lives around a right understanding and application of the gospel.


Spiritual Growth




Dorn SchuffmanJanuary 30, 2017

This video series includes a guide with fill-in the blanks sheets that are completed as you watch the video, discussion questions based on the video, and daily studies that individuals can choose to complete or not, in between sessions. We found this study to be full of insights that generated good discussion: “You don’t do sinful acts that make you a sinner. You are a sinner, so you do sinful acts.” “You are both justified (made righteous) and adopted.” “You have to pull sin up by the roots, not just mow it off, or it will grow back.” Sometimes the group wanted to watch a particular video again because there was so much packed in.