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The story begins in Philippi, where Paul introduces three individuals that were all enslaved by the kind of things we often choose over the gospel. Lydia, the business woman, the slave girl, the jailer Their lives portray dysfunction and emptiness but are totally transformed by the gospel. True joy and Christ’s love begin to live within them, giving them a life of purpose. In fact, Paul himself was enslaved and then by God’s grace and mercy he could pen these popular and profound words: “to live is Christ, and to die is gain” and “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” In one of the most intimate of Paul’s letters, Matt Chandler, over twelve 30-minute sessions, paints a picture of what it is to be a mature Christian.


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Scott ChaplinJuly 4, 2017

This series is engaging and challenging. He explains the book of Philippians in a relatable way, with many stories, and analogies to everyday life. He is passionate about what he’s teaching and will challenge you to be ardent in your pursuit of Christ. His excitement is infectious. He also draws on a lot of Scripture outside the book of Philippians. Our group has liked the study and been challenged by it.

ScottJune 23, 2017

Our group enjoyed it and found it engaging. Dare I say, it’s not just a study. It’s an experience. The experience is filmed in a high-rise apartment in Dallas, a small group, night setting. You’ll feel like you’re there. The vibe is worth it. As above, there are twelve 30-min sessions. Our discussion afterward was usually around 20 minutes. I recommend watching the session beforehand and coming up with your own discussion questions. The booklet’s provided discussion questions are okay, but they don’t always seem flow in an order of vulnerability/discussability.

Justin MooreJune 23, 2017

Matt Chandler does a great job with this study! He explains things in a very easy to understand way. This study does a great job of making you look at your own heart and how you interact with other people.

Josh BillingsJune 23, 2017

I really enjoyed how Chandler unpacked Philippians. This study is great for groups that are not looking for a lot of outside work but still want to generate quality conversation. I would highly recommend.