Mingling of Souls

Matt Chandler

About This Book

Dating and marriage are potentially rewarding yet hugely challenging. Matt Chandler helps navigate the process that Solomon himself followed for attraction, courtship, marriage, even arguing. Dive deeper over twelve 25-minute sessions for an eternal, counterintuitive perspective on topics like physical attraction, dating vs. courtship, navigating the ups and downs of marriage, the importance and beauty of sex, and how to fight fair.






Josh BillingsJune 23, 2017

All video sessions are very good as stand alone messages. I felt that the series covered such a broad look at relationships (dating to newly married to maintaining the relationships) that only about a 1/3 of the videos were practically applicable to our groups place in life (married with young kids). Chandler did a great job but felt it wasn’t the best study for our group.

Nathan GrannemanJune 21, 2017

Good videos and definitely leads to good discussion. Good for small groups with married couples. Highly recommend it. We only meet for 1.5 hours and given length of videos (28-35 min each), we are always pushed on time so would be easier if we had 2 hour meetings.