Mark: The Crossing Bible Guide

Crossing 20s Staff

About This Book

What do we mean when we call Jesus a “king” or talk about his “kingdom”? In modern America, kings and kingdoms are the provenance of Disney and Ancient History. Yet, the Gospel writer Mark believed that Jesus’s kingship and kingdom lie at the center of his mission and the center of his challenging call to take up our crosses and follow him. This guided reading plan takes each of your group members through the Gospel of Mark, using quality questions to guide your interpretation and application of every passage. Each week has a group discussion guide, which allows everyone to compare their observations.

• Participants do 3 days a week of guided readings and questions (about 15 min/day)
• Group discussion guide provided
• Can be completed in as few as 6 meetings or as many as 12 meetings
• Participants need to purchase book for $5 from The Crossing; participant prep required


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Bible study


Ray and Kathy BattAugust 14, 2019

We found the Mark study to cause pause and make us think much deeper about familiar passages. It generated rich dialog and healthy discussion. It was beneficial for everyone no matter where you are in your walk with the LORD.