Extravagant Grace

Barbara Duguid

About This Book

Why do Christians—even mature Christians—still sin so often? Why doesn’t God set us free? We seem to notice more sin in our lives all the time, and we wonder if our progress is a constant disappointment to God. Where is the joy and peace we read about in the Bible? Speaking from her own struggles, Barbara Duguid turns to the writings of John Newton to teach us God’s purpose for our failure and guilt—and to help us adjust our expectations of ourselves. Her empathetic, honest approach lifts our focus from our own performance back to the God who is bigger than our failures—and who uses them for his glory. Rediscover how God’s extravagant grace makes the gospel once again feel like the good news it truly is!

13 chapters


Spiritual Growth, Theology


Book discussion


Shelly MayerJune 21, 2017

This is a great review of the gospel of grace, written in an easy-to-read and digest format. It held our small group’s attention and made for in-depth discussions. Solidly theologically. Really enjoyed reading through this with the group.