Christian Beliefs

Wayne Grudem

About This Book

God doesn’t call every Christian to go off to seminary, but there are certain matters of doctrine—that is, the church’s teaching—that every Christian simply must know. Theology is important because what we believe affects how we live. If you’re a relatively new believer in Jesus, or if you’re a more mature Christian looking for a quick brush-up on basics of the faith, Christian Beliefs is for you. This readable guide to twenty basic Christian beliefs is a condensation of Wayne Grudem’s award-winning book on systematic theology, prized by pastors and teachers everywhere. He and his son, Elliot, have boiled down the essentials of Christian theology for the average layperson and made them both clear and applicable to life. You will learn about the Bible, the characteristics of God, what it means that we are created in the image of God, what God has done for us in Christ, the purpose of the church, and much more. Each chapter includes questions for personal review or group discussion. These truly are twenty basic beliefs that every Christian should know.

20 chapters


Basics, Theology


Book discussion


Dorn SchuffmanJanuary 30, 2017

The subject matter was interesting, but the videos are somewhat lengthy and can be slow going. There is no study guide so you are left simply reacting to the material. If there is a particular theological topic your group is interested in (e.g. the Trinity, angels, prayer, etc.), it might make sense to view and discuss just the video session that addresses that topic.