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Real Parenting

October 21, 2020 @ 6:00 pm

There is a lot of pressure on parents these days. We live in a culture that promotes high performance parenting and celebrates the virtues of those who do it well. Parents are often left with fear and confusion over whether or not they will get things right so that kids turn out perfectly. In “Real Parenting” we offer a different model. We think the gospel can free us to have honest, imperfect relationships in our family where both parents and kids learn from their mistakes and are allowed to grow in grace.

The skills you will learn in this 6 week intensive class will teach you and your child how to have healthy relationships anchored around the way in which God parents us: with love and limits. Real Parenting will equip you with essential tools and new approaches to parenting that will enable you to live more deeply in God’s grace and be a “good enough” parent for your kids. We encourage both moms and dads to experience this class together so that you can effectively apply these skills as a team.