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Crossing Men’s Lunch Study

March 3 @ 12:00 pm

Men, you’re invited to a six-week study over lunch at The Crossing led by pastor Patrick Miller. Many people believe that a Christian is someone who gets saved, gets busy at church, and gets to heaven when they die. What if I told you that this misses the heart of Christianity? To put it bluntly: if this is what the Christian is truly about, then no wonder many Christians settle for half-hearted devotion or abandon Jesus altogether. If this was Paul’s message, it never would have turned the Roman empire upside down. In Paul’s letter to Rome, he sets out a far bigger and better vision of Christianity. Romans tells a world-changing story that has the power to remake our daily lives. Bring $5, if paying weekly, to enjoy a good lunch (we’ll order different food each week) and feel free to invite friends. Please register.